Our Superstar Volunteers

Rome wasn't built in a day, nor by one person.

Various people that helped SYCA make it what it is:


Get to know our dedicated team of Volunteer Coaches


Ajay Ramchandran

Head Coach

Ajay is a dad of two boys and has loved cricket since he can remember.

He has been involved with SYCA since it's founding, and has assisted with managing the scheduling and coaching, as well as been the head coach to the 8-10 team.

Uday Dutta

Amit Partani

Head Coach

Head coach Amit Partani is a dad of a boy and a little girl.. he plays in two adult cricket leagues and watching him coach the Over 10 age group was a sight to see! The mix of his teaching abilities and his love for cricket came across in the way he coached each child as his own!


Ranjit Shetty

Head Coach

The dad of an enthusiastic sports lover, and an avid player of badminton, handball, volleyball and adult cricket, Ranjit got involved in SYCA in 2017 and never looked back. He has proudly coached the a range of age groups with dedication and patience.

Uday Dutta

Udayan Dutta

Head Coach, age group under 6

Uday Dutta, a father of two lively boys joined the SYCA Coaches in 2017, kickstarting his SYCA coaching by coaching the Under 6 students with much patience and enthusiasm. He has moved on to coaching older kids with the same enthusiasm!


Yogendra (Yogi) Kumar

Assistant Coach

Yogi took time out from his hectic traveling schedule to assist whenever possible. Yogi has been involved with SYCA since it's inception, lending a hand  with coaching assistance whenever there was a need.


Rajesh Singhania

Assistant Coach

Rajesh, dad to not one but TWO of the 2017 SYCA players of the games joined us full swing in the 2018 season. He took over as head coach for age group 5-6 and has never looked back!


Vinu Kuriakose

Assistant Coach

Vinu, dad to a boy and a girl who are making waves as math prodigies, started with assisting us in the 2017 season and quickly moved on join the head coaches team in Summer 2018. Vinu brings to the table organization, structure and a whole lot of dedication and energy!


Assistant Coaches:

We could never run SYCA without our amazing assistant coaches. They have dedicated time, energy and enthusiasm in coaching our little ones, filling in whenever there was a need, and spending many summer hours in helping with planning and execution.

Ajay Lodha

Amit Kulkarni

Arvind Kaul

Ashwin Kasturi

Bala Parameshwaran

Gautam Chauhan

Rohit Kaul

Sriram Kollipara

Sudhakar Velamoor

Official SYCA Photographers:

Srinivas Bedre

Sushma Gurumurthy

Amit Kulkarni

Ranjit Shetty

Others who have helped us in the past in various capacities:

Rohit Kaul

Anand Jajra