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Dianne Needle

Quotes from happy parents!

The culmination of the 2017 Session with the Annual SYCA tournament brought out the exuberance from parents:

“Thank you SYCA!!!. It's been amazing and exciting summer for my kids, Pranav and Harsha as they look forward to every Sunday… Pranav is still counting on hitting a six and wants to do it in tournament. Best part is he picked up the rules of the game and names of Indian cricketers, now I can watch cricket with them without switching the channels.”

~ Sriram, dad to two SYCA enrolled boys


“Great job guys! It was amazing to see so many cricket loving kids, enthusiasm and the festivities. It was a mini Cricket mela. We have played Cricket in Sharon for the last 5 years but had not seen anything close to this. Kudos to you Prashant”

Girish, dad to an 8 year old SYCA participant


“Many thanks to <SYCA>!!! We all are striving hard to pass on as much about  our Indian traditions , culture , language and now sports to our kids. My older one is already talking about joining the Indian Cricket Team .

Even though summer is so short lived here still you all made time to be there every Sunday in-spite of other commitments.”

~ Varsha, mom to two SYCA enrolled boys


“... It's good to see our community is coming together as a strong force in Sharon!”

~ Rajesh, dad to the best player trophy winners in two categories!


The exuberant enthusiasm was expressed by the coaches as well:  


“It was a memorable experience and dream come true for coaches as well. We had a great time teaching awesome kids about the sport we love so much.”

~ Ajay, Head Coach, Age Group 8-10, dad to two SYCA cricket enthusiasts.  

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